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One day, as Colorado prepared to roll out its recreational cannabis program, a career woman and suburban mom had an idea. Why not incorporate the substance she enjoyed into the dinner parties she hosted for her friends? In a matter of months, Jane West was hosting cannabis events that put the plant in a sophisticated, social setting. The events started selling out, and the national and international media were soon writing about this exciting new idea as a reflection of Colorado’s closely watched, fledgling legalization program.

Prior to launching her consumption-friendly cannabis events company Edible Events in 2014, Jane was a working mother rising through the management ranks as a corporate event planner. After her employer spotted her vaping on CNBC, she was quickly fired. Jane took this opportunity to fully immerse and invest herself in the cannabis industry full time. She founded Women Grow, the cannabis industry’s largest professional networking organization, and is now the CEO of her eponymous cannabis lifestyle brand Jane West. At Jane West, she develops accessories and home goods that invite mainstream women to experience the benefits of cannabis and take part in the legal lifestyle.

Jane is a voice for mainstream consumers and women like her who stand to benefit greatly from an alternative to alcohol and pharmaceuticals. She believes that cannabis is the best alternative, and invites consumers to elevate their experience and #takeflight.

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