What is a Green Mind??

To us, A Green Mind is a conscious “nature” mind. Nature is perfectly balanced, as so a Green Mind. If you notice the logo it is a brain with both hemispheres, the left and right. The left represents the masculine side; logical, critical, analytical and doing. The right represents the feminine side; Intuition, creativity, imaginative and planning. When you have a Green Mind, it is balanced. Like nature. A Green mind is always perceiving the world using both sides of the brain….Balance

A Green Mind has awareness. A Green Mind takes the time to stop and observe what the hell is going on around them, Stop and smell the flowers if you will but also observe the beauty of the will TO flower and show the world your true colors

Green Minds hold integrity close and always grasp the best interest of others. Here at Green Minds Glass, it is our promise to offer products that we stand behind so you have the best experience. If we wouldn’t have it in our collection, we wouldn’t offer it for yours.

Namaste ~~~ Green Minds Glass Team

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